Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate


Ammonium Sulfate

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Sold in 50 kg capacity sacks.

Product Use

Ammonium Sulfate is highly effective nitrogen fertilizer which application provides high agronomic and economic efficiency of cultivation of major agricultural crops. Ammonium sulfate is recommended primarily for crops:

-Demanding sulfur(Colza, cabbage and other crucifers, buckwheat, winter and spring wheat);

-Prefer ammonium nitrate in the form of nitrogen (potatoes, sugar beets, fodder crops);
-Better to grow at slightly acid reaction of soil solution (potatoes, flax, tea, sunflower seeds, carrots, tomatoes, sorrel, parsley, turnip, radish, pumpkin, zucchini, radishes, gooseberries, raspberries).

It is better to introduce ammonium sulfate in spring under presowing cultivation, which allows even distribution of fertilizer in the field. Fertilizing crops with ammonium sulfate are also effective. In this case, it is necessary careful work on adjusting the machine for introduction fertilizer, as well as directly during feedings. Furthermore, ammonium sulfate can be added to a solution of liquid nitrogen fertilizers.


Transportation is made by railway waggons,  or own transport.

Ammonium Sulfate

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