• NON – concentrated nitrites acid production

NON – concentrated nitrites acid is produced by the scheme AK-72, by the method of catalytic oxidation of ammonia by oxygen of air under pressure and further absorption formed oxides by condensed of water steam.

  • Ammonia production

The synthetic ammonia is produced from nitrogen – hydrogen mixture at pressure 25-30 KPA and temperature 470-550 C, at iron catalyst present, by the scheme am-600.

  • Ammonium nitrate production  

The ammonium nitrate is produced by neutralization of the nitric acid by gaseous ammonia, with the further granulation.

  • Ammonium sulfate production

The ammonium sulfate is produced from the sulfate solution of caprolactam manufacturing, by the way of its evaporation and crystallization and consequent centrifugalizing and drying.

  • Sodium cyanide production

Sodium cyanide is produced by method of neutralization caustic soda by hydrocyanic acid and consecutive evaporation of e solution sodium cyanide, crystallization and centrifugalizing, drying.

Production Flow

Rustavi AZOT