Half of century’s experience chemical enterprise “Azot” is the only manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers in the region of South Caucasus.

The decision with regard of construction Rustavi’s nitrogen fertilizer factory was maid in May,1947. It was based on practicability of use of coke gas from the neighbor Metallurgical works. The first line of Rustavi’s nitrogen fertilizer was commissioned in April,1955 it was ammonia refining shops, whid had started production on the imported raw material. It was ammonia refining shop, which had started production on the imported raw material. The further periods characterized with the introduction of the new facilities. In February 13, 1957 began production potassium permanganate shop, which worked on the electrolytic method, developed by the scientists of The Scientific Academy of Georgia.


In September 1960 The Georgian chemists were the first to shift such type factory on natural gas. In a year the shop of poor nitric acid began production on the combined method under pressure 3,5 atmospheres. Lately, on the basis of the nitric fertilizers have been developed the manufacture of organic products. On October 22, 1963 the first products were been produced by Caprolactam shop on the scheme of phenol.

 After then, for satisfaction demand of the national economy was begun manufacture of the new products: sodium cyanide, initially, production of technical sodium cyanide in October, 1967, and in December, 1973 production of pure sodium cyanide. 

Agricultural development requested new demands from chemists in the field of mineral fertilizer production.

In 1979-81years entered into operation two large aggregate of Ammonia synthesis,capacity of which was twice more than existing one,after which the plant has reached new capacities in Nitric acid, and Ammomium nitrates manufacturing.

In 1985 entered into operation Caprolactames second level plants.

In February 1991 “Azot” produced cosmetic productions-pencils and lipsticks.

Today “Azot” of Rustavi is the first,largest industrial enterprise in Georgia.


Rustavi AZOT